IT'S OVER! (Apex Legends)

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26 thoughts on “IT'S OVER! (Apex Legends)”

  1. It’s about time. When she first came out I was hoping you could’ve used the turret stationary but rip it off the stand and use it like a minigun like in Gears of War

  2. Rampart really deserves this buff and a takeover event. She never really had her time in sun and was always considered a bad legend from day one. I really want to hear people complaining about getting beat up by Ramparts soon!

  3. Well I think my apex days have come to an end I been playing since season 1 and I never really played shooter games I always been a fighting game type of guy and I get what you said In your other video Ratchet pubs is pubs I don't want to be pampered but I don't have 20bombs and 4k's can't even win a game now I know when I'm beat lol time to move back home to fighting so tekken it is imma still watch your vids everyday tho kinda sad tho I done dropped at least 2k on this game probably sell it smh 😕


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