It's Universe Matrix time – Mission Complete – Dyson Sphere Programing END GAME and Beyond

Forty-two may be the answer, but in this Dyson Sphere Program Stream we have to break down the essential question of life, the universe, and everything via White Research Cubes. Combining all of the colors of research matrices with antimatter, we have one last push on our spaghetti filled planet. Sometimes the best things you just have to let bake in the oven a bit.

That said, Green Research is still our bottleneck, and for awhile logistics go askew with multiple breakdowns as a result of carry-overs from before and issues with the new logistics update. This is Early Access, and while DSP is great there are still issues. Plus we visit a planet with a Sulfuric Acid ocean and make some important life observations while drifting aimlessly in space waiting to charge. And once we achieve Mission Complete, I go over what steps I could take next to further my run, including how I could support building my current Dyson Sphere.

But much like the icon shows, the sun is kind of setting on this run. I’ve learned enough to hopefully do even better in my next play through of Dyson Sphere Program. Thanks so much for everyone who have been watching and enjoying my streams, and I look forward to starting fresh from a new planet.

It’s Universe Matrix time – Mission Complete – Dyson Sphere Programing END GAME and Beyond

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9 thoughts on “It's Universe Matrix time – Mission Complete – Dyson Sphere Programing END GAME and Beyond”

  1. Solar sails can move on thier own, btw. When you shoot them they enter the swarm and then drift towards your sphere to fill the panels. If you delete a section you'll get somd solar panels back that will motor back to the swarm until they decay or get called back to the sphere to complete a panel.

    Ultimately you dont want a swarm until you can begin building the sphere, and you want the swarm inclination to ho from the top edge to the bottom edge of your buildable area. Once complete, you let that swarm decay out or move it to higher inclination to cover the new build area. Remember… The swarm is a structure used to build the sphere.

  2. That spaghetti is very impressive honestly im surprised you can still follow where everything is going/coming from. It looks cool though. Must be a headache to troubleshoot.

  3. Only comment on logistics is that you probably want to be off-loading some of the production to other planets rather than shipping raw materials. Each transport moves 200 units, which could be a single ore or a component that has dozens of resource units in it already.

    The jungle planet with 96u/s of oil would be ideal for oil-based production (organic crystals, etc) for example.

  4. I progressed up through the ranks of energy production, getting deuteron cells out pretty early and running everything on that.. with logistics pushing that into a new planet I can quickly ramp up deployment.. BUT.. here late game (everything but the dyson) I'm having to go back to my planets and build solar panel belts just to offset energy demands.. feels backwards. on the plus side I automated mass solar panel creation in about 2 minutes. but yea, something broken in there.

  5. I wish I was this smart to understand the game I think I’m going to restart I just unlocked the yellow matrix cube. I feel like I can have a better start.


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