Keqing 240K Electro Plunge Attack! – Genshin Impact

Some fun stuffs during bounty quest xd

Zhongli Theme music | Listener | Trailer OST Recreation by ‘Tekato’

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27 thoughts on “Keqing 240K Electro Plunge Attack! – Genshin Impact”

  1. Haha, I hit 200k today in that kind of electro&plunge bounty using sucrose and bennett to support, I love that my highest crit is with keqing and not a cheap melt or vape 😎

  2. I tried but in 1st plunge, it didn't crit and later during 2nd try because of a crit shot in the head, he died before I could do 2nd plunge 😅 fricking damn it

  3. Your Keqing videos are legit! I got her 10 mins ago and I'm still kinda shaking lmao. I saw a kinda old vid where you use Xiangling, Bennet and Sucrose. Are there any good replacements for Sucrose in this case?


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