League of Legends: Hate at First Sight Does Exist

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44 thoughts on “League of Legends: Hate at First Sight Does Exist”

  1. What rank is Rav? No hate here, but he does commit a lot of mistakes in this video, even some he complains that his teammates commits as well. I get that the point is their moronic arguement, but he does also comment on how they keep making mistakes while he himself mostly got by from getting ahead early by chance. My main issue was him complaining that Varus is too busy focusing on others mistakes while he basically says that his own bad plays are fine because they worked out.

    Saying this as someone who decided to disable chat because I lose way to many games because I spend my time flaming.

  2. As a Support main that Varus has what is known as "ADC syndrome", or to refer it by its medical name "I Thinkus Thisiss Still Season 7-itis." The most noticeable syndrome of this disease is a massively inflated sense of self-worth based on the misconception that being fed as an ADC means you can actually get kills instead of getting one-shot by an assassin or juggernaut. Although being unable to attack move (known as "I'm Used To Having a Lulu-itis") and being unable to kill minions uncontested are very common side symptoms.
    Rammus suffers from "Autofilled Support Syndrome" which is contracted by being autofilled Support or Jungle too many times. It makes you extremely susceptible to rage when seeing entitled players blame others for their mistakes which causes extremely flame within the fingers as well as the anus region.

  3. The varus seems to think he's good because he realized C's is really important. Unfortunately for him and you, knowing C's is important and knowing when/how to cs is different

  4. I think im being emotionally abused by this game. I honestly think about quitting at least once a day based on chat alone, but i managed one game where i got three honours, so like a child desperate for the approval of an absentee father who shows up once a year at Christmas ill forget the other 364 days of the year playing this game, at least I've got your videos

  5. I literally had a game like this a few days ago LMAO. An Udyr and Riven were fighting over a lane and both literally just started inting for the rest of the game while writing essays in chat insulting the other. Hooboy a good chunk of the playerbase is manchildren.

    Also I love that they only realized that u were the real Rav when you promoted Honey, not that the insults are total bangers that could only be dished out by a wordsmith like you

  6. Bruh rammus’ stupidity just amazes me XD you can farm any time u want not just lanning phase and you really shouldn’t teamfight at all. Its better to stay and farm and get stronger than teamfight. Why u may ask? Well teamfights are a total coint flip especially in low elo’s making it the worst thing u can posibly do in LOL you can throw your lead really easily in a teamfight where as csing gives u so freaking much. Plus is so easy to counter teamfights if all enemy goes on mid all the mid lane has to do is to play safe. Stay as long as posible alive maybe just run away but not die. In a 1v5 the mid cant do much but while they are all on mid the other lanes can hard push the side lanes. This will give the enemy 2 options. Return to their lane and salvage the towers or keep on staying mid and let them get even more turrets. Yes the mid laner might might loose a turret due to them being 5 on mid but they are trading 1 turret for potentially 2 turrets of their own. Also the 5 people on mid are all sharing the money and xp. Puting them behind more than ever as the other ones on side lanes get solo xp and money giving them item advantage. I know games that have been won just cos the enemy team trued to initiate a teamfight but the blue team was smarter and kept farming and getting plates. Low elo players like fighting so much but this game is all about farm. Please if anyone sees this do not go in a teamfight even if there is 4 of your team in mid vs 5 of the enemy u go side lane and get solo gold and xp. U are pushing side lanes which gives your team an advantage bigger than a teamfight as you aply pressure of the enemy and split pushing side lanes if done right are never a coint flip. U gotta know when to go in and when to get out. Trust me if u look at pro players from the LCS and e sports u will see they never fight let alone teamfight. They know that cs is so much more important than a kill and they rarely ever go for kills. Pls be the smart one from your team. Try to go for 1v1’s at most and focust purely on farming. You will see that doing this will make u so strong if anyone tries to 1v1 u will be so fed from minions you will easily win the fight. Don’t go for the trash teamfights and put all your leads into coinflips. This aint a gambling game 🙂


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