League of Legends is getting rid of /all chat

no diffy anymore

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43 thoughts on “League of Legends is getting rid of /all chat”

  1. the fact that it's literally already implemented in the game as an option though??? you can mute the entire enemy team if you want to wtf?? also, most of the rage and toxicity comes from your team not the enemy team so this just makes it worse (not even being able to talk to your opponents bc your team is fucking annoying). this is just an excuse for them to not care about punishing who crosses boundaries. more and more, league is turning into a game with porcelain faces, broken lore and mechanics, and not social at all, just a cash grab, like any other fucking chinese game

  2. The stupidest thing about this is your own team is where most of the toxicity comes from, not the enemy team, outside of some trash talk, which is part of any competitive game. This just means people are going to be even WORSE in team chat.

  3. Easiest wy to remove toxicity? Remove matchmaking altogether. If you have to find 4 other people to play with, you're incentivized to not be more toxic than they can put up with, because they'll just dump you and find another player. If you're too toxic, you won't find people to play with, and then you either have to shape up or find other toxic folk to play with.

    That being said, please don't do that rito, I need matchmaking because i have no friends 🙁

  4. All chat isn't the problem,it mostly your own team that's toxic. but disabling it means so many youtubers can't fake the all the chat in the thumbnail. That's great,but vandril will be having it difficult to coordinate bugs

  5. Complement lane opponents skin? I literally just got flamed for using lion dance kog maw because “it’s pay to win” league players could never except that they can’t do something.

  6. I have played mobas with out all chat and it is just a negative…. 99% of toxisity in chat comes from your own team – I have played a moba with ZERO chat at all and it is even worse.
    The blue check marks are ruining everything

  7. you know what… what if only emotes and champion mastery is the only way for you to communicate and remove also the ally chat and ping 😀
    it would be fun and interesting to see ppl having a grudge game without hearing them shouting HAHAHAHAHA


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