League of Legends players don't understand Fighting Games…

Project L is on the way, bringing the League of Legends and Fighting Game communities together. While this is sure to lead to some fantastic tournament action down the line, for now it’s left us with a swath of hot takes and uninformed opinions on Fighting Games that I just HAD to collect in a top 10 list for you guys in this video! Will Ahri have infinite combos? Will Jinx have overpowered projectile zoning? Stick around and find out!

Some of the sources for this video:
GDC talk about Guilty Gear art style: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhGjCzxJV3E
obviously the Project L trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hsk5_D8L4LQ
scrubquotes: https://twitter.com/ScrubQuotesX
Arekkz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2vr8M3lQ88

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40 thoughts on “League of Legends players don't understand Fighting Games…”

  1. @3:00

    i can SORT OF (?) understand him.. as a MOBA and VS game player

    in a 5 v 5 MOBA match, if one person in one team quits, it is a handicap to their team. their 4 teammates might want to win as well, but their teammate abandoned them

    in a VS game, quitting is an automatic loss to you, and win to your opponent. its like if someone rage-quitted in the P2 side at the arcade. I have a free win on the idle character, or some 10yo could jump in and mash buttons.

    in vs games, its just 2 people involve, so its easy to punish the leaver. MOBA's is 5 v 5, giving the other team an instant win is unfair to the quitter's teammates

    @11:10 true! the original LOL, yes you interact with enemies and minions, but you don't see any one character "react" to basic attacks

  2. I don't dislike tag games because "it's hard to learn more than one character", but the opposite. Tag game characters are ultra superficial and samey. For every Big Band there's a dozen Gokus. One button specials will most likely exacerbate that even further.

  3. Yeah, the execution thing is crazy. Links and difficult timings can make a combo way harder than dp motions. Also, personally, and I don't wanna sound scrublike, but I am a dpad player, and I mess up inputs a decent amount. More than I would like. I try to work on it, but that shit is just hard sometimes. It might be nice not to have to worry about execution for motion inputs, just timing and movement.
    I don't think every game should be like this because I still like motion inputs even if I am not perfect at them, but I am down to try it.
    I've tried stick, by the way, but I was so much worse it was hard to commit to learning it, I still have the thing sitting under my desk. . .

  4. At most I would take like 10 sec combo after 10 sec of Raw combo without comeing back to neutral I think game are just flaw Hell ppl find stun in Lol annying because you lose control of your character for like 2 sec most. So yah 10 sec combo can be quickly annying I think.
    I think the Ahri thing look worse than it is because the animation aren't finish but I would guess they would speed up her animation a bit so it doesn't take like 4 sec by herself just for air jugle.

    But yah perso I don't like combo much I find them annying to do and annying to get cought in 1…
    Still am willing to give it a try I think at less they make the combo look interesting but yah I just really hope they reduce the potencial of "True" combo I would rather the game go back to disadventage insteed where you can block and turn it around (tho I really hope it not hiden in a 1 frame of atk that new player will never know about and just get combo for days because they don't know there 1 frame where they can control there character.)

    Still I got the same fear because I don't like loseing control of my character for 10 sec because "combo look cool" they may look cool but whene it a true combo and you can't do shit about it … there 0 fun for the player being in 1 Whene your in combo in real life you can at less punch back or try to block it or do something onless your "KO" but if you KO your bassicly dead so it make sence you can't fight back… I just hope the combo aren't too long without the player in one being able to fight back. I would hate it if you get hit by 1 atk and than you lose like 80% of your HP and all they need to do his hit you an other time whene your in the corner to make you lose… Like I think it would still be skillfull but I don't think it would be fun for a new player if they are fighting more skillfull player who can do a 0 to 80% in 1 combo.

    13:00 Well Chess got super simple imput tho good luck wining vs a pro… I wish you well. Same for tetris good luck beating the top player of tetris…
    Also I would like to say that If Motion imput are so important why not just ma a XZY motion to make 1 move? They streamlined the motion form Z, Half circle and pretzels Motion to Quater cicle motion. Why? because well pretzels motion are kinda crazy hard to make and kinda not interesting if you want to make a game about motion go make a game about motion only thing Hell you can even remove the fighting game aspect of it and just make a Motion basse game where the goal is to do motion… Like some type of "Following the point whit your stick Pointer" kinda deal. Fine by me I don't think it a fighting game skill it just a motion skill not the same thing.

    TLDR: my hot take would probably the point about combo being to long I won't lie this mini vertical slice make me worry about Combo just being way too long before coming back to neutral… I think the perfect sweet spot for that would be smash or guilty gear strive there combo look pretty fair. Smash puting you back into disadventage insteed of neutral but I am fine with disadventage whene it clear your in disadventage what I hate is whene you don't know if it your turn to atk or not or if the game is back on neutral or not. Like Smash got the great adventage of you knowing your in disadventage by puting you off balence and far away form stage Any way I just fear the combo may get a bit too long for my likeing PLZ not more than 7ish sec combo more than that it just start to be crazy.
    SORRY FOR THE BAD ENGLISH (comeing form a side POV I played league back in the day but I stop and I played some fighting game but got put off mainly by combo and Z motion)

  5. Me clicking on video: "I don't care about LoL and have little interest in this game"
    Me after watching the video: "I get to play as a sexy kitsune? Shut up and take my money!"

    Admit it, we've all bought at least one game for stupider reasons than that.

  6. true even
    if someone is really talented and gifted they will only catch up easier thanks to the inputs still they wont beat an experienced pro in any shape or form day 1. my guess is people who think they're good are beaten by button mashers so its the games fault they lose cause ez mash mash characters. so for them ez input equals braindead easiness and more mash mash characters. thats my hot take.

  7. What do you expect? The League community are peeps who are either basic dumb binches and people who think theyre better than everyone.

    Thats y I left it. Now the bigger question is: If they get destroyed in this game, who are they gonna blame? The Jungler? LMAO

  8. Who cares there is x or y or HELL even b in a game, as long as it’s fun to play and actually able to use your eyes and not be blind cus come one, 90s websites already do that

  9. When all truth is told any body with a negative comment or opinion is toxic. It's not even about why they choose to be stupid with their response about the game. Their just ugly ppl with ugly intentions with no respect or appreciation for a game period. New games come out every year and every year these toxic ass trash nobody's are doing this cause they have NO concept of how much time and effort goes into these games. [email protected]#k toxic ppl and stfu and keep your toxic opinions to yourself. Love and respect all fighting game.

  10. I can't wait for the "YOU'RE GUNNA LEARN" moments that are going to come from this game. But instead of an 8-year old playing Mortal Kombat X, it's just going to be a 25 year old black man losing his shit because he doesn't want to block lol

  11. About point 8, probably not gonna have infinites everywhere, but I'd bet money there will be at least one round start ekko jump 5p

    Pause video

    Sajam: alllllllright, is it gonna kill?

  12. Is toxicity really a problem when it comes to fighting games? It's not like league of legends where people trash talking each other since it's a team base game. This is a 1v1 game where you don't have to worry about these things. Your opponent adding ya just to whine at you is the only worse case scenarios. That just my perspective as a LoL player. It just almost nonexistence in game like you don't even have to pay attention to these toxicity as long as you don't accept friend requests unless you're very attracted to social media where people complain about the game a lot.

  13. To give a different view on why people sometimes prefer 1v1 to tag (this comming from a guy who likes both btw), is that tag adds a lot of chaotic crap that happens on the screen at once, and it lacks the "honorable duel" feel that 1v1 games have. Look at Hellish Quart, for example, or Bushido Blade, and just imagine what a clustereff those games would be if they had a tag option, and how smooth they look while it's not a thing.


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