League of legends River Twitch but with the new first strike rune we can buy a private yacht

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River Twitch is back with new runes and he’s still super fun.

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21 thoughts on “League of legends River Twitch but with the new first strike rune we can buy a private yacht”

  1. Day 304, we heading towards that one year anniversarty. Should be soon, since that is apparently how we gotta do it – Do maximum Movement speed Nocturne, because you can run from your nightmares, but they are faster than you. Especially if you are an ADC.

    Day 275, hell yeyah over two centuries – Play with the following team of five: Annie, Ivern, Shaco, Yorick, + (optional 5th pick) Azir/Kindred/Kled and Skarl/Lulu and Pix/Malzahar/Neeko/Nunu and Willump/Quinn and Valor/Sejuani and Bristle – so that the match is a 10+ v 5.

  2. Leona and Diana went to couples counselling and their counsellor told them to try and walk a mile in eachothers shoes, so Diana will build a typical Leona-build (Locket, Relic Shield, Swiftness Boots, Thornmail, Vigilant Wardstone, Knights Vow)

    and Leona will build a typical Diana-build (DRing+two pots start, Hexbelt, Sorc Boots, Zhonyas, Rabadons, Void-Staff, Banshees) and lane together in botlane

    Day 2

  3. All Battlecast Team but you have to explain the theory behind your Digimon Deck and tell us all about your favourite Digimon Scenes/Merch if you have any. Also you have to play Battlecast Urgot and go for Max Size because Big Guns = Digimon.
    Day 1! (Great vid BTW)


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