League of Legends Totally isn’t Broken Right Now

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First Strike Rune + Axiom Arc has officially broken league of legends…

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Credit to IDemandASandwich from my discord for creating the dope new intro!

Credit for Various Channel Art Assets and Animations goes to Jakob from Sweden: @jaakopp


25 thoughts on “League of Legends Totally isn’t Broken Right Now”

  1. please, turn E off once enemies are outside your range when playing Karthus. It uses a lot of mana so its not a smart idea to leave it on. (obviously turn on when theyre in it again)

  2. lol the Arcane references

    they had bounties because they were behind in gold, at 12:38 when you show the tab thing they may have more kills but your team has more items on most of the ppl, your team is ahead in xp, your team has more drags, and your team is trashing the enemy cs (177 at 33 minutes is the best on their team, barely 5 cs per minute vs literally every person on your team who is supposed to have cs beating that i.e. not Yuumi)


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