Leaked E3 2021 Event Preview for Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase | New IPs & AAA Games Coming to Xbox

All eyes are on Xbox for the payoff of gathering studios, striking deals and bolstering up games for the growing platform at launch of a brand new console generation. Promises have been made to fans and potential adopters of the console platform that have been waiting for big new exclusives to grace the Xbox ecosystem that has spent much of the past several years relying on third party support. Going into the middle of 2021, brings the long-awaited E3 Showcase, a celebration of exciting games and new experiences to come in the next year as the Gaming Industry picks up speed. As usual, a lot is riding on Xbox to make good on the promise that Xbox is the best place to play, and for E3 2021, can Xbox deliver on that promise?

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20 thoughts on “Leaked E3 2021 Event Preview for Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase | New IPs & AAA Games Coming to Xbox”

  1. NOTE: I failed to say "I'm hearing September for Halo", I am 50/50 on my source on this. It's very likely it could be November, but September is about timing with other HUGE games like Battlefield and Call of Duty.

  2. Hi colt I am so glad Xbox is coming back with a vengeance but as a fan one thing I see is we need just a bit more variety in the genre of games I see too many first person shooters let's try to do something different let's try to pick up a studio that makes as great fighting game imagine if Xbox had exclusivity to the mortal Kombat games!….


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