LEGENDARY LOOT CAVE FARM! BEST Legendary Weapon/Armor Farm! | Outriders Demo!

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Today we take a look at, what I think, is the best legendary weapon/armor farm in the Outriders Demo. This is essentially a loot cave, which is started by doing the Terra Infirma side quest, then farming the captain elite enemy and other enemies in the area for legendary drops, then dying to reset all the enemies.
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26 thoughts on “LEGENDARY LOOT CAVE FARM! BEST Legendary Weapon/Armor Farm! | Outriders Demo!”

  1. I think this is the best legendary farm in the demo. You can get a ton of drops every run, and the Captain may have a slightly higher chance to drop legendary items (not 100% sure on that part though).

  2. For all the people complaining why after a few hours/days having no legendary drops, I feel all your pain but also take note, the developers have said that legendaries only have 1% drop rate, so don't expect legendaries raining down anytime soon

  3. I don't know how much you use the Devastator class, but it gets the job done just as good. I still believe the Trickster is the top class, but the Devastator class is much much funner! You can just plow through enemies like your the Incredible Hulk mixed with Thanos or something!

  4. Are you in the outriders ambassador program? I feel like they are the only ones getting legendaries. Gonna give your way a try and see what happens. My previous 20 hours haven’t given me even one. I’ve tried ALLLLLL the farms people put out their

  5. I know I'm feeding this trend by even commenting, but is anyone else getting super tired of seeing some different schmuck use this exact loot farm and post it up ad "BRAND NEW OMG JUST CAME OUT TODAY"?

    Like bruh, everyone knows about this captain farm at this point, we know yall wanna get a piece of this content pie but you are scraping at crumbs at this point.

  6. After 30hrs solo and with teammates I just gave up. Maxed money, mats and called it quits. Nice that some were able to get every lengendary, including epics that the vendors never sell me. I was cringing at first but I realized it's not up to me how they drop.


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