Let's Play Baldur's Gate 3 (EA) – Ep. 01

Today, we finally take our first look at the early access version of Baldur’s Gate III! It was an arduous journey, rife with bugs and stability issues, but we made it!

Here’s hoping it was worth all that effort!

I’m not associated with Baldur’s Gate III or Larian in any way. I’m just some rando who likes to play cool new cRPGs, and sometimes ends up making videos about them. Neat.

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28 thoughts on “Let's Play Baldur's Gate 3 (EA) – Ep. 01”

  1. I have heard nothing but good things about the Baldur's Gate series, but I've never checked it out myself. Glad one of my favourite content creators are playing one so I can see if I should check it out.

  2. I'm thrilled, excited (I love Illithids and their conflicts with the Githyanki and Githzerai for otherworldy FR adventure)… and I'm also terrified. I was not at all happy with the direction WoTC took Forgotten Realms in 3rd and beyond. On tenterhooks since FR has always been my favourite AD&D setting. This one is going straight for the feels!

    Really quite happy with the choices, setting up for a classic adventure. With a nice amount of Spelljammer thrown in.

  3. Huh, I guess a Gith Hexblade or Pact of the Blade would be a Gish. Nice Gish you got going on, there. I will say that Blade Ward doesn't last long enough to pre-cast before combat, unless BG3 made it last longer than 6 seconds. It's meant as a emergency 'oh no, my squishy character is next to a warrior, HELP' so you can survive long enough to not be there. Guess we'll see how it goes.

  4. from 59:55 I bet you could get some great loot if One guy kill another and remaining main guy only has like 20 hp.. you have two guys and range so easy to help for one of them even to win and reduce the other hp to as close to 0 as possible then finish remaining guy off and loot. also you haven't even tried to climb the stairs at the end.. I bet you had at least 16 moves could have looted more maybe

  5. Yeaaaah, got the game, my laptop can't handle it… Chugs like a motherfucker.
    Gonna have to wait until i can upgrade my laptop for a decent PC (and for that i need to upgrade my living place first, as i'm currently living in a 10 sqm single room closet).
    Gonna be a while…

    I just hope more races get included in the final release like the Genasi, Duergar and maybe Goblinoids.

  6. Will you play the same/similar character in the full build of the game for the sake of consistency, or switch things up to keep it fresh? And if you will be playing a different character, has the Patreon vote on who that will be already happened?

  7. I am playing a Githyanki Strength life cleric. you get a long sword at the beginning of the game and 2 hand cleave is sick with this. 17 str. 10 dex, 14 con, 9 int, 15 wis, 8 char. will put a point in str and wis when available. eventually want to get a greatsword, heavy armor and great weapon master skill. I was soloing the beginning content with this ( which I also did with a ranger, but this was in your face solo, not kiting). At the start, trade out armor with Lae'zel to get the half plate. not sure how this build will be in the long term, but I am having fun with it so for. You do start with 1 less spell slot, but since I am using the 2 hand sword for most of my damage, I do not miss it much. also you can worship the Githyanki diety (forget the name) and be an evil cleric.

  8. I went the same route my First Playthrough — But the Field is the only Patron right now that gives you anything extra so I went with that. I attempted to do a Hexblade-ish character with Githyanki using their Medium Armor Proficiency.

    I went into Greatsword though, because big swords and I wanted to go into the 'Heavy Armor' feat that evens out my STR later on. I dropped my DEX to 8 intentionally for this; though there's little existence of Heavy Armor unless you buy it from a Vendor if they happen to have it.

    Overall I'd probably go through this again using Longswords but going to +DEX and Dual Wielder feat instead to add +1 AC.


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