Let's Play It Takes Two on PS5 Part 2 – MORE MINIATURE MAYHEM!

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Honey we shrunk ourselves! Join Ian Higton and Aoife Wilson for the second instalment of their adventures in #ItTakesTwo – a co-operative adventure in which a married couple on the cusp of divorce find themselves shrunk to the size of dolls. They’ll have to work together in order to put things right, but as we all know, working together in harmony isn’t exactly Team Eurogamer’s strong suit. #Eurogamer #PS5

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5 thoughts on “Let's Play It Takes Two on PS5 Part 2 – MORE MINIATURE MAYHEM!”

  1. I approve of the amount of wasp slaughter in this video – I've got a phobia of them, and my mum once went through a wasp nest while strimming the garden.
    Also, appreciated the Dalek comparison – wasps are nature's Daleks.

  2. I hate Wasps with all my strength, they are my mortal enemies. I once used a wheelbarrow and those pricks did a nest inside one of the handles. I got stung on the palm of my hand, right under the thumb. After an hour, the thumb was swollen so I did spend a part of a Sunday afternoon in hospital to get something to reduce the risk of an anaphylactic shock. Since then, I just stay away from them. I hate those pricks.


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