Lets Talk Outriders and how DLC will be coming

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This is a segment from the full episode of Generation X Gaming #Podcast Episode 257​ from Thursday nite March 25, 2021. 30 and Sgt are talking about #Outriders #Gamepass and how Outriders will be making DLC much faster because of the deal with microsoft

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21 thoughts on “Lets Talk Outriders and how DLC will be coming”

  1. I just don’t understand what the big deal is they made a deal with Microsoft for outriders on game pass maybe outriders was just part of deal they struck to be on game pass who knows I’ve been playing the demo since April and am thoroughly impressed with the dev to community communication and clarity they have provided…. to me this just feels like your grasping at straws I prefer to take a more positive approach and hope for the best especially after being an avid anthem player

  2. If they are confident in their game, they will allow reviews to drop BEFORE the game releases. If the reviews are good, they will get more pre orders.
    Also, I think you giys are underestimating the incentive these developers may be getting when they release a game on Gamepass.

  3. Im half way excited but don't wanna get to hype. The beginning of the game aka the demo is great but so was anthem and alot of other looters shooters. I'll definitely not buy it til I play it a while on game pass. If I enjoy the way its going ill support them.

  4. This is just part of a long-term macro strategy.

    If Microsoft drops $100 Mil on this game for a game pass deal, it doesn’t really move the needle.

    But if they do it 30 more times for the next biggest third party titles… it makes it very difficult for Stadia/Luna to sell anything at all.

    In the grand scheme of things… 3 Billion is a very small number to put the nail in the coffin.

  5. Remember Outriders was being made BEFORE SE picked them up so SE trust them with all this. Plus being on every platform is a BIG plus. OK no they will not have a battlepass thats not going to happen

  6. what panic mode are you talking about? Microsoft contacted them after seeing demo stats, it was a last minute deal, thats why they didn't announce it before…what panic mode?! They are Steam top sellers since demo released…what a bunch of shitty takes in one video

  7. They're "selling" the Hellrangers pack, yes. It's being sold on gamepass to make up for the fact they don't have to buy the game. If they sold it on all platforms, I'd give more credit to the microtransactions argument. But let's just assume they've been lying about everything the whole time. This doesn't add up. Why would they patch a demo more times than Destiny 1 got patched before Crota's End released? Why would they interact as regularly as they do with people playing the free version and let them know what they're working on as far as issues that are popping up? Why are they actually fixing issues, unlike every other looter shooter? These actions are those of a company investing in a new IP. They're trying to play the long game. Whether or not it's successful(I hope it is. They seem to be trying to break a lot of the terrible industry trends happening now.) is to be seen, but I don't think you've seen as many of the positives that are also occurring that are not immediately tangible, and trends show that treating your community well creates returning players if the product is good. The amount of content is also great to start with, and people will be grinding this for at least a few months. Do they probably have something ready to go in case this game takes off? Yea, they probably have prepared for the future. If they haven't that's also ok. It's ok for Destiny to die every season, right? That's essentially what they've done since 2 released, even before the season pass model. Square Enix also knows this very well given they run one of the most successful MMOs in this day and age, and it's not even their first successful MMO foray. They also have an easily tangible way to add more content simply to the game, given the loot system is good. Remember Mass Effect 3? All they had to do was release new class combinations for multiplayer. Outriders is doing things in a way to where they can literally add another set of gear to create new builds for their current classes on the same time intervals between new content drops. Also to their credit, by giving a complete experience on release, something even you can agree is a positive that hopefully sparks industry change, they're taking an approach that will seem fresh in this generation of young gamers. Square also has a history of winning on incredibly big risks like this, so hopefully this translates into PCF, given Square is publishing this.

  8. Devs seem to make money just fine with gamepass take the medium for instance went into gamepass day one and the devs announced like 3 days later that they had already made back all there production and marketing costs. I don't think outriders will do microtransactions but I hopefully do expect to see paid dlc. Can understand them charging for the hell's rangers content cause they wanted a way for the new gamepass customers to have an option to get it as well but couldn't give it out freely cause then the people who did pay to pre order would probably bitch so I think it's a nice happy medium option.


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