Let's Watch Sony State of Play PS5 Showcase – STATE OF PLAY REACTION + ANALYSIS

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A brand new Sony State of Play Showcase premieres tonight! And it promises new updates and in-depth looks at no less than 10 games coming to PS4 and PS5, as well as new game announcements and updates on some of the third-party and indie games we haven’t seen since June’s PS5 showcase. Join Ian Higton, Zoe Delahunty-Light and Aoife Wilson as we watch along and provide some thoughts and reactions… #StateofPlay #Eurogamer #PS5

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42 thoughts on “Let's Watch Sony State of Play PS5 Showcase – STATE OF PLAY REACTION + ANALYSIS”

  1. Along side the FFVII Remake on PS5 reveal, Square Enix revealed the mobile demake FFVII: Ever Crisis. Which means I’m going to end up owning FFVII 5 times: PS1, PS3/Vita, Switch, Remake, Ever Crisis.

  2. Can see why Aoife rubbed her temples at the word "intergrade". It set my Kingdom Hearts Bullshit Alarm off big time. Also it looked like Weiss right at the end there which says to me they're throwing the entire FF7 expanded universe into this remake series. Should really have been called an adaptation?

    Will give them the benefit of the doubt so far, but the whole whispers thing and now "intergrade" has me somewhat concerned

  3. I WISH the Yuffie episode had stuff from Crisis Core. But instead it's referencing Dirge of Cerberus, the worst FF7 property. When I saw the neon soldiers I just burst out laughing.

  4. It's so unfortunate that Knockout City is going to be dead within a week 🙁 So many devs put so much work into it but it is absolutely devoid of strong character and art direction 🙁 Also, just call it "Battle Ball".

  5. FF7:R Defense Force, assemble! I SHRIEKED at the character reveal. I'm excited to see these characters' perspective on Midgar as a city and get more info on how the Remake team envisions the Wutai war. The story (old and new) was written and told so well in Remake that I will trust in this new direction until they totally beef it.

  6. Sony said updates on shown games
    Crash(PS5)looks cool
    Returnal(PS5) Looks cool(Pre-ordered)
    SIFU(PS5) Looks cool
    Deathloop(PS5) Looks cool
    Oddworld(PS5) Looks cool
    Knockout City(PS5) Looks fun
    Kena Bridge of Spirits(PS5) Looks Awesome
    Final Fantasy 7 remake(PS5) Amazing

  7. Dont sugarcoat it. Thats an L. Returnal was the only ps5 game. All other are crossgen or multiplat. Crash only targeting 4k 60. On xbox its 120. "We believe in generations" what a joke. Xbox got more next gen games already. Medium and falconeer and all announced games for 2021. Exomecha, stalker, scorn, shredders, as dusk falls from int. Night are all series titles. Ms got roasted by the media for crossgen. Keep the same energy now. Kena is on pc too.

  8. It’s such an American-centric way of thinking to keep sticking their backwards month/day/year nomenclature when showing dates with numbers. I know Square is Japanese but that English trailer was done by their US team and there’s ALWAYS confusion with international audiences. There’s always people and even news sites reporting these backwards just like Aoife here thought initially. Btw it’s June 10th, not October 6th.

  9. Good luck just ask your phone how much it is and sorry no physical copy of it sucks to be you and the sad part is the game is no different on the ps5 expect for better frame rate. I in the us in can only imagine how much it will cast in ponds or how ever they'll sale it.


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