LG 27GL83A Ultragear Monitor setup with Xbox Series X

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gamingmonitor #xboxseriesx #LGmonitor #120fps #120hz I recently purchased a new gaming monitor to use with my Xbox Series X so that I could see what all …


11 thoughts on “LG 27GL83A Ultragear Monitor setup with Xbox Series X”

  1. Hey Frank,

    I have the same monitor and the same console but my xbox display settings will not let me set the resolution to 1440p at 120hz. if want to use 120hz it automatically sets to 1080 and if i want to use 1440p it automatically sets it to 60hz. Any thoughts on why this is happening? Thanks for the video.

  2. we all hoping that LG can updated the firmware of this monitor o GL850-b, i mean if u turn on the freesync, only can get 1080p 120hz, otherwise u can get 1440p 120hz, but the competitor DELL S2721DGF with the same panel can get 1440 p 120 hz with free sync ON, i mean in FPS game, VRR is essential, hope LG can get a update ASAP

  3. Would this be a good monitor for the PS5 heard it can upscale to 4K? As it can’t set to native 1440p due to Sony not letting it! … but it does pick up a 4K signal??
    Between this and the benq EX2780Q


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