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Live ABC” is a unique educational app which contains many activities. Yes, it is possible to teach a child to read in a fun, alluring, and engaging way!

With the help of amusing animated letters your child will be able to go from early stages of learning letters/syllables to being confident with reading full words and sentences.
With numerous helpful hints along the way, even the youngest child will be able to learn to read and count independently while also learning how to write letters and numbers.

Children are introduced to letters and the sounds corresponding to each letter.

While playing with charming, animated letters your child will learn to combine letters into syllables and simple words. This game will facilitate the learning process for spelling and writing. Auditory learning processes for reading will help them recognize reoccurring patterns in words.

Your child will learn to combine letters into words and read them. Novel animated constructor will help your child memorize the names of all the letters as well as the sounds they make. It will also help them master reading.

Phonics sounds from A to Z.

“Live ABC” has:
· mischievous characters!
· entertaining education!
· funny animation!
· hilarious sound effects!
· a variety of games!
· cheerful music!
· a user friendly interface!
· helps develop fine motor skills
· helps develop attention and imagination
· parental control
· no third-party advertisements


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