Looking Forward with Minecraft Marketplace Creators

Discover some blocks of inspiration from Minecraft Marketplace creators from the Gamemode One, KA Studios, and Kubo! Find out how you, the community, help these creators in their work, and where they find all their incredible ideas. As the game evolves, so does Marketplace content, and in this video you’ll get a spellbinding glimpse of what’s to come. Let’s explore the future of Minecraft Marketplace together!


39 thoughts on “Looking Forward with Minecraft Marketplace Creators”

  1. You guys allow countless stolen mods on to marketplace including the original Faithful texture pack. You should try caring about the community rather than pretending

  2. It's funny how the bedrock marketplace is just like the Microsoft store: full of swindlers trying to make a quick buck off of work stolen from other people. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

  3. mojang: gets mod pack creators to talk with bedrock devs about the importance of modding
    mojang a week later:looking forward with Marketplace
    proving that they don't want mods they want cheap easy clout without giving back to the community that sustains them or this video would talk about modding support


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