Lord x vs sonic || Friendly Enmity Episode 1 (full animation)

After two month!!
we have surprise for you!
Of course.. I hope Mr. Virtual will not come to you
i hope you enjoy the video✌

voice actor :

sound effects :
sound resource

music :
khinsider : project chaos
gota go fnf vs sonic.exe v3.0

OMT sprites and owner :

lord x owner and basic purple sprite :
john kon

sonic tails and knuckles sprites :
sonic team and sega
choas studios
i never used “”SEA Production”” and “”ultimate”” sprites on this video!!

one last round musics:

discord server : https://discord.gg/dooblajicoo


49 thoughts on “Lord x vs sonic || Friendly Enmity Episode 1 (full animation)”

  1. Context for anybody that's too lazy to watch the previous videos, Lord X was knocked into the equivalent of an electric chair by MX (Mario.EXE), and nearly died. MX left the world they were in. This turned back time or something, allowing Sonc Horhey to exist once more, and this episode to happen.

  2. So, Lord X’s getting bodied every second of his existence, we have no idea on where MX is, Sonic.OMT (which for some reason is actually quite nice) got bodied by Virtual and Virtual is the only scary EXE in here…
    We’re starting good.


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