Lvl 6 to Lvl 10 ~Ep 3~ Elder Scrolls Online

Lvl 6 to Lvl 10 ~Ep 3~ Elder Scrolls Online. In this episode of the series our Hero RougeShadowZ must get to level 10 before he gets off the game. Watch as he finds the Missing people and helps the villagers escape to a safe place. Then he helps a bunch of other people in the game and well….. well…. look by the time I am writing this I have already forgotten a lot of the stuff I did aint that funny. It only took me like 5 or 6 hours to edit this video. So if you are reading this and have made it this far into the Description I tip my hat to you. Here is a brief thing about the video From my memory as of now I made a rune counter for when I collect runes and do some stupid crap say stupid and funny stuff I help people and I become lvl 10 finally made a guild also feel free to join it I’m on the north America server search for Twilight Shift ohhhhh yeah I also show you my favorite spot in the game I like to chill there its like my home cuz I don’t have one. If you have read this far let me know in the Comments down Below.

Thanks for Watching and reading this!!!!!!!!!!


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