M.I.L.F. – Friday Night Funkin' IsItLucas' Remix

M.I.L.F. – Friday Night Funkin’ IsItLucas’ Remix – DO NOT REUPLOAD

Since I managed to recreate M.I.L.F. voices, I decided to remix it and here’s how it turned out!
It was really fun to remix it and make it playable (interface movements definitively not inspired by Impostor v4)!
Yes, I had to recreate the background using LUA because I deleted the week 5 stuff 💀


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17 thoughts on “M.I.L.F. – Friday Night Funkin' IsItLucas' Remix”

  1. 2 things:

    1. Pretty sick, your covers for the og game are always a banger

    2. Is dying to a good rating supposed to happen in fnf nightmares? I feel like every time i set my difficulty to nightmare i keep dying to goods on distortion

    Edit: oops i meant 3 things. I’m two months late but your spamton neo fangame is now one year old.


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