Make 15-20k/Hr Vendor Flip! | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide

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Addons Used: TSM

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0:00 Intro/Reputation Suggestion
1:20 Price Breakdown #1
4:12 Price Breakdown #2
4:40 Shadowlands Crafting Changes
5:24 Outro



16 thoughts on “Make 15-20k/Hr Vendor Flip! | Shadowlands | WoW Gold Making Guide”

  1. Clearly word got out on Area 52 but not before I got in a lil bit. Spent 46k+ on all mats & got back just under 60k. This was over maybe 95 min, during which I watched Star Trek Discovery w/ the tab just smaller than my WoW tab so I could see my bag space & popped over to sell when full. I also went from 1 to 40 ( almost halfway ) in Tailoring. To sum up, while I watched "T.V." for less than 2 hours I earned 13,000 gold & 40 points in Tailoring. Very nice. I'll keep an eye on the AH for more cloth & buy it out when it hits my threshold. Looking forward to your next video.

  2. A Quick Disclaimer: I first found this farm and got this idea during a stream of Zanzarful on Twitch! Feel free to check him out on YouTube/Twitch for some goldmaking content as well 🙂

  3. I suggest an addon named AutoVendor! U just download it and u type /junk and you just link the cape on chat. Something like that: /junk [Shrouded Cloth Cape]
    Then whenever u open a vendor it sells 12 of them instantly so u just spam clicking/opening the vendor!

  4. Hi,
    Great video very profitable.
    But i have a question i want to let my character craft when watching youtube ext.
    Normally extra crafted items when bag is full is mailed to character but at SL it stops crafting and says your bags are full is it a bug or a new thing.


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