Making 4K Damage Look Easy! (Apex Legends Gameplay)

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Back again! Today we got some highlights from the very end of Season 10 that we never got the chance to upload. A little old, but definitely GOLD. Enjoy the frags and be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoy the content!

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27 thoughts on “Making 4K Damage Look Easy! (Apex Legends Gameplay)”

  1. What's up everyone! Today we're bringing back some highlights that we never got the chance to upload. These clips are from the last day of Season 10, so we didn't quite have the time to get them up before season 11. That being said they were some crazy games, so I knew I had to get these up at some point. Hope y'all enjoy!

  2. hey wigg just wanted to say I hope ur doing well man and hope everything is good for you also thanks for uploading today it took my mind off of stuff it sounds stupid but ur vid helped thanks man btw ur a crackhead at the game

  3. Hey man, sorry to hear about SHEESH, then again with how you described it, it was probably for the better. I hope you are doing better now and when you come back to streaming I will be so damn happy, but till then hope everything goes well for you and you continue to do better and better


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