Malfunction Fnf but it's Gacha | Cassette Girl Wip | Baddies Mod Read Desc

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Gacha Club

Hi Guys! :D❤️💕🌟Can you guys Just Click the Link or Sign up, it was Requested by my Brother, it will help him so much 😁❤️💕🌟✨

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24 thoughts on “Malfunction Fnf but it's Gacha | Cassette Girl Wip | Baddies Mod Read Desc”

  1. I will never stop saying what an amazing talent, what creativity and what imagination you have, literally let me tell you, you are on a perfect path ❤😊💖✨✨

  2. Pow pow pow pow pow (so good im love fnf you good make person!!!) Namibia:hm what NaMida me:pow pow pow pow pow pow pow (Namibia is my friend galaxy so good galaxy yea galaxy?) Namibia:hm okay NaMida im for fnf YOU GETS NAMIDA IM OF THIS FOR GALAXY???!!!! Pow. Pow pow pow (Namibia but you good yea you love Sakura namibia:_()

  3. F – fully underrated
    U – underrated again
    N – never fails us to make us smile
    K – kan u sign my autograph pls
    Y – you are awesome

    N – never stop improving
    I – i luv u and ur vids! <3
    G – god or YouTube please promote this gurl
    H – how do u edit bc its amazing
    T – tbh you are talented

    C – can u teach us how to edit? Its ok if u dont
    H – how? You're amazing than anyone
    A -amazing
    N – never stop making videos for us but pls take a break a bit
    N – never be sad because of haters bc we are here for u!
    E – everyone loves u <3
    L – let us reach you to your goal!

  4. OMGGG WHAAAT,THIS IS SO AMAZING 💗✨✨✨ I LOVE IT <3💕 The animation is very good! And you deserve more likes and subs for these very good videos 🙂 You are so underratted,you deserve more!

  5. Wow! this is so cool! Animation the editing of this is absolutely stunning! It's so smooth! They look so cool! the perspectives looks so well made and the animation is so smooth! , that's so cool! Your design is so accurate and detailed! The tweetning's so smooth as well! And front facing is made specifically! Marvelous work! wow this is so Magnificent! and outstanding! The editing and amount of details in everything looks so fabulously made! this is absolute Masterpiece! 😀 ❤💕🌟✨


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