Mario Party 5 SS1 Party Mode EP 56 – Bowser Nightmare Daisy,Peach,Luigi,Mario P1

BoomCherryGarden Gamers Present Mario Party 5 Season 1 The Party Mode

Controls: Dolphin Emulator 5.0-11991 with 4 Human Players in One Controller only.

Board: Bowser Nightmare Part: 1
Turns: 20 Turns

Players Contestants
P1 – Daisy
P2 – Peach
P3 – Luigi
P4 – Mario

Mario Party 5 The Party Mode

10 Characters play 7 boards to collect stars to get most points.
5 first boards can play once but 2 players play twice to get bonus points.
2 last boards every characters must play twice. (Sweet and Bowser)

4 characters get most points advance to final round.

Enjoy this watching.


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