Marksman Hunter Rotation Shadowlands MM 9.0.2 PVE Guide | Talents, Stats, Rotation | Overview Guide

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Shadowlands MM Hunter 9.0.2 Guide! Rotation, Talents, Stats overview guide! Thank you so much for watching! I hope you enjoy and after a much requested video! Dont forget to comment what you would like to see in future videos! Tons more Hunter content to come all through shadowlands! If you have any questions feel free to ask me LIVE on twitch!



00:00 INTRO
01:45 Strengths + Weakness
03:19 MM hunter 3 Rules
03:45 Stat priority
08:40 Opener / Rotation

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21 thoughts on “Marksman Hunter Rotation Shadowlands MM 9.0.2 PVE Guide | Talents, Stats, Rotation | Overview Guide”

  1. I go haste and verse because as a hunter you need some sustain. I think the opener you did is a little more complicated than it needs to be also. You can one shot any class right now by opening with true shot and two aimed shots and a rapid fire. As. 173 ilvl I’m hitting a 12k crit a lot without stacking crit.

  2. My first ever character was a hunter when wow launched 16 years ago and has been my main every xpac I hated to play anything but MM last xpac it was very broken compared to BM, BFA was the only xpac I never played MM. Now I heard it's back and should be the strongest if not top 2 in dps the full xpac is there anyone that can break the MM rotation down more simple for instance in ICC if you was armor pen capped and you used this rotation no class could beat you

    1. Aimed shot
    2 chimera shot
    3. Arcane shot
    4. Steady shot ×3
    5. Repeat

    2 things that makes it annoying is your dps completely plummets if you ever keep your 2 aimed shot charges up and you need to balance focus between 35-70 if not you become focus drained and watch your dps plummet then if you keep to much focus your dps plummets because you're not using your main dps shots.

    If someone could break down a simple rotation set up 1 through whatever then repeat would help a ton once I read it then I can tinker with it

    Also what's MM hunter best stats in order

    And which spec is the best to got the absolute highest dps

    Please comment if you know

  3. Pushing torgast with MM is painful. With no pet and what seems to be like the slowest casting spells, it feels like a lot of standing around personally. Anyone else having this issue?


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