Marksmanship Streamlined | Shadowlands MM Hunter PvP 9.0

In this video we show off Marksmanship Streamlined and pick off some targets in this Shadowlands MM Hunter PvP Battleground 9.0

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17 thoughts on “Marksmanship Streamlined | Shadowlands MM Hunter PvP 9.0”

  1. Understood Lone, the community that watch your vids would definitely benefit greatly from your insight into how you play the class,. We all recognise you take MM to the next level mate!

  2. Hey Lonewolf, I have enjoyed a lot of your montage videos. Also like how you started to be a spokesman for the Hunter community as well. I was curious, have you ever heard of or tried cursor macros for your traps, binding shot, flare, etc. They help mitigate precious micro seconds in regard to reflex. If you have not tried them out I highly suggest it. Keep up the good work brother, you've come a long way! (/targetenemyplayer macros as well) for your Hunter's mark and or arcane shot… it will mark or bring out any stealthy instantly that is too close. Cheers!

  3. How big a part do the azerite traits play in the current pvp and beta if youve tried it?…just leveled a MM to max and in wondering if i should bother going into Bgs with out AT.


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