Marvel's Avengers Game | NEW Cloning Labs & Roadmap Update , Hawkeye Showcase Date and More !!!

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21 thoughts on “Marvel's Avengers Game | NEW Cloning Labs & Roadmap Update , Hawkeye Showcase Date and More !!!”

  1. This game is in the same place as anthem the avengers had a roadmap when the game first started and they had to take it away because of bug fixes I’m not throwing shade at nobody but this game is horrible in my opinion it hasn’t gotten any better and it’s not going to just for starters cloning labs was promised months ago I’m just saying also where is the next GEN update that was promised months ago Hawkeye that was a promise on the road Matt months ago I understand they are the avengers but you and your followers know this game is in the same place as anthem the game is half-price now after that it’s a rap skill up had the best review of this game some people listened so people didn’t Hope a lot of people have hope but we all know hope is a motherfucker!!🤬

  2. All this stuff sounds great but we are still hearing the trademarked “soon”. We were told campaign replay was coming “soon” like 5 months now, including multiple times on previous dev streams, I’ve pretty much given up on it by now

  3. Nice …..thinking I’m clicking on a video because they dropped the DLC but come to find out we’re just doing more an more waiting smh … I honestly just don’t get hyped when they open their mouths 🤷🏾‍♂️ just lmk when the DLC is here fuck talking about it til it comes

  4. an enclosed start to finish battle in the outriders demo is better than avengers and i was the biggest fuckin fan boy of this stupid ass game i bought my copy and 2 of my buddies all deluxe versions waste of damn money this game is the biggest failure ever!

  5. Honestly this game is solid. We have gameplay, animation's, voice acting, combat, all we need is content! After a few months it should be in a solid place by the end of this year! I mean trust me i mean from day 1! I wish we were in that situation but unfortunately not. And moaning and slagging of the Devs wont speed up anything, lets hope this game survives!, Thrives!, And is the game we all want!…stay strong avengers and stay safe! 👍🏼

  6. A tougher difficulty would be amazing..but the games rewards are not good enough for any difficulty lol but at the same time I would assume that the avengers would/should make short work of these enemies..we seen it in age of ultron lol if anything increase the amount of them by a lot..turn this game into a hack n slash


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