MASSIVE CHANGES: NEW BUFFS & NERFS Coming in Patch 11.15 – League of Legends

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:20 Skins
0:50 Hullbreaker
1:14 Gwen
2:20 Irelia
3:14 Wukong
3:40 Kennen
3:50 Mordekaiser
4:10 Rumble
4:20 Viego
5:20 Nidalee
5:38 Shyvana
6:02 Dr. Mundo
6:12 Annie
6:44 Aurelion Sol
7:15 Kayle
7:46 Sylas
8:40 Cassiopeia
9:08 Syndra
9:26 Caitlyn
9:48 Xayah
10:08 Thresh
10:26 Blitzcrank
11:02 Rell
10:09 Conclusion
10:23 Outro

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33 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHANGES: NEW BUFFS & NERFS Coming in Patch 11.15 – League of Legends”

  1. Ye viego had 47% wr in plat+ but since challengers which are already great at the game can play him i guess we nerf him. However we have a champ that can stand in a bush for 3 seconds and use an ultimate that fears everyone. And we also have akali which just hypercarries. Riot doesnt give a shit about lower elo players

  2. Nerfing Viego even further is such a fucking mistake. They only listening to the Elite/Pro players and not anyone from bottom plat to iron. Holy fuck! People just need to build Armor and you already dealt a significant amount of his scaling. He doesn't even scale late game.

    On top of that, nerfing Asol? Are they ACTUALLY losing brain cells? Why nerf him at all? He needs that mobility to be good. Christ, the Balance Team in this game are literally the fucking worse in the gaming industry. Even Activision, EA & Bungie have better balance patches than this.

  3. I’m waiting for qiyana and katarina nerf and I’m quitting league. Once again no nerf for brusers and tanks, building full tank and just going in and melting everyone is fine for riot, I get it that u can’t balance everything but, why are they always nerfing assassins but not other classes. They nerfed the f out of talon like a year ago then buffed him to the roof and now they nerfed the f out of him again like, wtf

  4. 4:45 so he gave a full explanation why viego, after getting nerfs for solo lane, has become a strong jungler. But riot gave nerfs to his healing from MINIONS and increased his dmg to MONSTERS. Pls explain how this is logical


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