MASSIVE CHANGES: NEW BUFFS & NERFS Coming in Patch 11.21 – League of Legends

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0:00​​​ Intro
0:49 Guardian
1:16 Conqueror
1:49 Ravenous Hunter
2:07 Goredrinker
2:46 Ingenious Hunter
3:02 Health Stat Rune Shard
3:20 Stridebreaker
3:52 Quinn
4:15 Sion
4:46 Teemo
5:16 QOTD
5:33 Graves
5:56 Viego
6:16 Akshan
6:47 Miss Fortune
7:18 Karthus
8:05 Jinx
8:35 Xayah
9:09 Lux
9:35 Conclusion
9:54 Outro

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48 thoughts on “MASSIVE CHANGES: NEW BUFFS & NERFS Coming in Patch 11.21 – League of Legends”

  1. Bruh. If they keep making champions stronger based on high elo it will be impossible to play low elo. How do they expect us to play against a teemo who blinds you all the time and a lux spamming ult?
    It's better to see some champions not being played in championships instead of ruining the game for normal players '-'

  2. as someone who plays mostly bruisers, im actually happy about the system nerfs, opens up more oportunities for other trees to shine. also goredrinker was too nasty on assassins who jumped into 4 guys, one shot someone, goredrinker all health back up and leave

  3. if they keep it up with nberfing mythic after mythic because theyre idiots and dont get that ppl always just ill build the strongest one mythics wiklll become the worst items in elague which ud otne ven want to build

  4. QQTD – Graves W, smoke screen. Unexperienced graves players most of the time use it for the slow or the damage, but when use to its max potential, it is the difference between winning and losing a 1v1 against a stronger duelist like Xin zhao or Olaf.

  5. The game is so bad right now its unbelivable honestly.
    AD assasins are way to overpowered and easy to play
    Support is so fucking broken that you dont even need to know how to play your lane and get grandmaster with it.
    The new ADC item rework is so shit, ADC at 2 items last season is what ADC at 4 items in this season is.
    Controllmages are nonexistant
    Cba this braindead game design for retards

  6. The Popping in and out tabs with the changes moves to fast, just put everything in same bar since its for the same champ and let it stay for more than 1 second .

  7. great i wanted to go bot for awhile guess im canceling that trip with lux getting a buff why is this champion a thing why does she get to build full damage but have annoying big shields and the abilitie to play 2 lanes, karma goes top for 1 patch she gets nerfed into the ground karma becomes a good pick bot nerfed into the ground but this champ gets a squishie delete ult which can oneshot a wave and cause its on a 2 second cooldown is back up for any teamfight that breaks out

  8. in 2022 we will see more nerfs for tanks and more buffs for mages and adcs

    and in 2022 braindead champions like teemo and malphite and miss fortune They well not get any nerf or rework

    and in 2022 They'll ignore the good game modes like Ascension and Odyssey

    And they will continue to recycle the bad game mode like one for all even if its popularity is low and not fun and boring.

    and in 2022 They will keep creating more cute anime girl characters

    This is what will happen in the next year

    and they think the ultimate spell book is fun game mode I mean it literally it just the same summoner's rift but it worse and unbalanced game mode

    so yes With every new season this game gets worse so all the developers want is ruined this game and make it worse to play

  9. Top lane meta is so toxic this season, it’s pretty much a rotation of un-nerfed mythic being op and those who build it being in S tier, and they just keep making system nerfs to the best item so nobody build that item again and the next in line gets to be op

  10. i just Shyvana to get a new model man.. championship shyvana splashart looks so good but then ingame its so bad like man just give her a new good ingame model, seems like they got enough time anyways buffing Lux and making 40 skins for her per year
    also funny how they nerfing quinn cuz the 2 high elo quinn mains out there keeping her winrate good


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