May & June 2021 Video Games Monthly Unboxing

Sorry about the mistake, this is actually the Video Games Monthly for May & June 2021, not April & May. Thanks for watching.

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6 thoughts on “May & June 2021 Video Games Monthly Unboxing”

  1. I just checked the price for those boxes and it's just not worth it. Most of the games you got are either mediocre or rubbish. I would think that most of the games are off zero value to you as a collector. You could put the sub money towards boxed games that at least comes with a manual minimum if not cib.

  2. Hey, Smash 64 Japanese–that's pretty cool! Man, I freaking loved the 64 original–I remember thinking it was impossible for this to be real the first time I saw a commercial for the game. I was like WTF!? No way Nintendo characters are fighting one another!!


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