McBaze's 3 Things YOU NEED to CLIMB in SEASON 12 – League of Legends

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41 thoughts on “McBaze's 3 Things YOU NEED to CLIMB in SEASON 12 – League of Legends”

  1. What you just said to us in this video i agree with you but this riven no way is gold. Like what i mean is that when i play i gold they dont play like that. Like she went into you when you have 30 minions your side!? I cant recall that it ever happened to me. Maybe with junglers when they gank they still go in with me having 30 minions.

  2. if you really want to climb just watch your own replays. have someone else watch your replays. These videos don't really help at all. Most of us are used to making the same mistakes, and we tunnel vision in game. And don't blame your teammates.. not all the time. Most of the time if you're losing a lot and consistently. Probably you.

  3. Make a video about "What can you do if your teammates end laning phase with 0/5/0 0/6/0 0/4/0 and only lane that is not feeding is your botlane?"

    I would be very interrested in it because i will probably root in Iron forever.

  4. I know all what you perfectly explained.
    But I'm stuck in Bronze: why? Matchmaking is broken.
    1 match in a good team, tons of them in the worse. And I am main jungler, and all always blame on junglers.

  5. Another trick from me: don't play rankeds during weekends, try to play during normal week days. U will meet most of the mental kids during weekends. It worked for me surprisingly well, got into master on EUW 12 days after the season has started (started the placements in p4 cause i was hardstuck d4-d3 last season).

  6. People don't realize that top lane isn't about getting kills, but it's about staying alive. If you're going against a laner that doesn't let you lash hit, then just let the wave crash and last hit when it goes into your tower. Top lane is more about not dying and just sapping exp than last hitting and getting kills. Once you get enough level, later on when you do some kind of objective fight or team fight, that's where you catch up in kills and gold. That's why Shen is super good, because his ultimate gives him the ability to participate a fight anywhere on the map while still sap exp in lane.


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