MDPOPE FnF Mod & MORE Degeneracy

DISCLAIMER: This Channel Does NOT promote or encourage any illegal activities, ALL content provided by the channel is for educational purposes ONLY. This video was made to shine light on the degeneracy that is accessible in Video Game Mods and other engines. Viewer discretion was and IS advised

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48 thoughts on “MDPOPE FnF Mod & MORE Degeneracy”

  1. I swear i never seen any of those "mods" at all

    (Is youtube being drunk again? because the fact this video was published 40 minutes ago and the comments were 6 hours sooooooo idk)

    (edit:What the hell is MDPOPE?

  2. As someone who is actively making my own FNF mod, this type of content gives other good modders who actually make cool stuff a bad name. Pretty much that I know personally in community hates content like this.

  3. Can you watch the Roro/ruru Chan mod? It's genuinely disgusting and I really want it to get taken down, I've reported it 3 times. The fact it was based off of a REAL 12/13 year old girl is utterly repulsive.

  4. these kids don't even see the people who died in these videos as humans, just fictional characters or something. i am deeply scared for the children of our generation.

    on a lighter note, i saw in your last video you were watching a manhunt video, i love that series too!

  5. Okay, like I said in the last video, Youtube is doing very poorly and deleting content, and it really pisses me off that people think making FNF gore mods and posting them to YouTube is "good" to do. YouTube ive said this and ill say it again. Please do something and stop being lazy.

  6. tbh i hate this community so damn much, like everyday there's some drama happening and another day there's the fucking days without fnf drama tweeting "0" and people fucking freaking out about it, like fnf used to be FUN for me, i used to ENJOY the mods people made like fucking (i dont expect you to know any of these) whitty, garcello, zardy, mid-fight masses, like i dont know what happened, what went wrong and how it even FUCKING STARTED, like this community has so much talent and use it for the worse shit imaginable i feel like killing myself the second i see another fucking fnf drama video (except your videos, you funny af lmao)
    like there being a good side to this community is SO fucking rare it pisses me off
    im thankful for knowing some good people ive met in this community and still talk to some of them to this day (at least fnf did Something for me)

    thanks for making these videos and re-traumatizing yourself for the sake of education


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