Medieval Dynasty S2 Ep 19 First I don't have enough material, now I am out of food storage

Hunt, survive, build and lead in the harsh Middle Ages: Create your own Medieval Dynasty and ensure its long-lasting prosperity or die trying!


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9 thoughts on “Medieval Dynasty S2 Ep 19 First I don't have enough material, now I am out of food storage”

  1. I get a pop up screen with the challenge from Herald. So if you don't get one, you don't get a challenge. And you see a special sign on your map also, where you can find him, i find him in Gostovia

  2. Here’s you a couple of tips that should make things easier first farming get you a couple of farmers set up some fields. Go into your management tab to the fields tab if that point you can then set your crocs on those fields for your farmers to work after research you can open a new field put yourself in working by yourself and still get the points planting what you want

  3. When you are skinning animals you hear another one charging at you either hit your rake mouse button or hit the escape button that will break the process of skinning so that you can defend your cell against the attacking animal

  4. 23:50 The extraction shed is for above-ground mining. (Rocks, clay, and limestones.) The mine shaft is for the caves.
    A resource building near the mine would have been more useful since whatever you put in it, shows up in all of your resource buildings.

  5. You really need to take about half that food out of your food storage put it in your personal inventory on the last day of the season and just let it spoil turn it to rot and then make fertilizer out of it that way you’ll have half your food storage back in order to put in fresh food.


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