Meet the Voice of Neon // VALORANT

Meet Vanille Velasquez, the 23-year old voice actress behind the lightning-fast agent from Manila, Neon.

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32 thoughts on “Meet the Voice of Neon // VALORANT”

  1. It's so fun to see that Valorant is doing something that isn't only entertaining people, but actually relating to their very culture 🙂 job well done! one of the best games out there!!

  2. The only thing I don’t like is.. which my British fiancé pointed out to me is… she says “salamat thanks” like okay? Salamat means thank you, so she’s basically saying thank you twice. Then secondly she’s the only one that translates thank you to english.. every other agents doesn’t.

  3. i showed my filipina parents the neon trailer. they know nothing about the game, yet they knew EXACTLY what she was about just from the few tagalog lines she had. brilliant

  4. Крутой формат, предлагаю ответочку для Русскоязычных. Хотя я активно учу английский, но все же было бы круто, приглашать наших ребят, кто озвучивал персонажей)

  5. I love this, this should be a thing for all characters.
    but ngl at the end when she said "they're gonna fall in love with her" I couldn't hold the laugh after remembering the neon movement gods in my lobbies.


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