Mihoyo Fixed Ningguang Charged Atk and Burst Skill ?? | GENSHIN IMPACT

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33 thoughts on “Mihoyo Fixed Ningguang Charged Atk and Burst Skill ?? | GENSHIN IMPACT”

  1. In mobile, her charge attack, right after ningguang create one big jade, sometimes it will stuck in her hand and won't shot immediately, it took up to 2 secs for the big jade to move away and hit the opponent

  2. I had mentioned to them during the beginning of 1.3
    I used the ult and was charged by the shield mitachurl
    The charge pushed me back, ult went off, and completely missed as if there was no target
    Happened again and managed to get a screenshot, got a reply saying "oh this is a bad issue, it will take a bit but we will fix this issue ^_^"

    As for the charged attack
    Sometimes (my end) she will create the diamond, and stay in the position for 4 seconds before either getting hit or longer until she gets hit

  3. Idk but for me when I tested her starshatter with jade screen, all projectiles from starshatter hit the enemy but the projectiles from the Jade Screen all went up. I positioned the Jade screen very close to the cryo regisvine, if that helps.

  4. When she cast her basic atk by her right hand and does a charge atk that is when it kinda takes longer, and when she last cast on left or did a spin that's when she can cast it faster

    In my own observation as a Ning user also, idk if that's necessary but that lil stop rlly is annoying

  5. bro, make a video where you use her ult with bennet's and have a pyro and geo resonance team comp. I need to know how much damage you can make since our team comp is pretty similar with the exception of hutao being klee and zhong being albedo

  6. Guys if you still experience it being stuck for a few moments here's a few tricks. First hold w when auto attacking it makes her attack faster and second, press and hold when you are on 2 jades. The charge attacks comes immediately after the 3rd normal attack and it shoots instantly.

  7. Is there also a problem with Jade Screen? Is it meant to not automatically aim at enemies? Maybe they did it for screen positioning but it's really annoying when the screen misses because it's so much damage 🙁


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