Minecraft | 10+ Working Playground Build Hacks!

Minecraft Playground Build by Wikicraft

0:00 Swing
1:07 Seesaw
1:53 Playground Towers
3:41 Tower Connections
5:01 Carousel
5:30 Basketball
6:44 Trampoline
8:12 Decorations
8:42 Showcase

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42 thoughts on “Minecraft | 10+ Working Playground Build Hacks!”

  1. He doesn’t post that often, but when he does, it’s a banger!
    Your tutorials are short and simple and you don’t spend an entire minute looking at every block. I love your videos!

  2. Am I the only person who lives in a place where playgrounds don’t have sandboxes? It doesn’t make sense even even though I live in a country which used to be a desert.


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