Minecraft but Among Us Custom Hearts

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ZMDE and his friends crash land onto the Skeld ship this time! Right away the lights turn off and one of the crewmates is killed. The Crew must work together to find out who the Imposter is.

All ZMDE MineCraft: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIJLxmM3MViWGLOwhAq40UuXlGKgFeHJR

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ZMDE is a channel where you’ll find Minecraft gameplay videos!
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41 thoughts on “Minecraft but Among Us Custom Hearts”

  1. yay zmde cool video but i missed when you played among us and you said in todays video im playing among us but i cant die remember that like this comment is if you remember also if you remember you are a real zmde fan and like and subsribe❤️

  2. Idea for minecraft video:You should do Roblox custom hearts each heart has a power of the roblox games
    the murder mystery heart:you have the ability of the sheriff and murderer the sheriff has a gun the murderer has a knife
    tower of hell heart:you become a parkour pro
    squid games heart:you become a guard of the squid games

    pet simulator heart:you get to choose a pet and unlock pets from each worlds to get powerfull pets


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