Minecraft but Cartoon Cat Custom Hearts

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This time ZMDE and his friends are trapped inside the mall with Cartoon Cat! ZMDE gathers mysterious hearts that help him escape the Cartoon Cat. But maybe it’s not the Cartoon Cat they are escaping from… It’s the mall itself.

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About ZMDE:

ZMDE is a channel where you’ll find Minecraft gameplay videos!
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48 thoughts on “Minecraft but Cartoon Cat Custom Hearts”

  1. yo this is the best vid I've seen in a long time so give it some respect and 👍like and subscribe will ya. also this upcoming video is going to be Friday night funkin

  2. ZMDE pls do more among us videos because now there is like so much new roles that I haven't done before and they are common and there are new maps.Oh and btw IM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR VIDEOS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*.✧

  3. All right guys I think I have an idea for the next video I think it's going to be Friday night funking custom hearts I think that's going to be the next video do not check out the end don't check out the end of the video I think I figured it out I think I did maybe maybe but I think it's going to be Fnf custom hearts


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