Minecraft Mangroves: Building a Better World

Minecraft 1.19 brought mangroves to the Overworld, but did you know that these trees are really important for our real world environment? We wanted to include them in The Wild Update as part of our mission to protect and restore real world mangrove forests.


24 thoughts on “Minecraft Mangroves: Building a Better World”

  1. They should add leaf litter to Minecraft. It'd add tons of character to forests and mangrove swamps, and can be obtained renewably as a drop from trees by letting leaves decay without using your fist.

  2. Hello
    Tengo una opinión, quería saber si pueden añadir otros tipos de Golem?
    La verdad sería algo interesante para muchos , además el Golem está igual por años .
    Yo creo que se podría mejorar al Golem de hierro.
    Ojalá lean mi comentario…

  3. Our children are the next generation. The next generations should not be treated to what past generations have done, instead, fix them for our children and their children and future generations to come.


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