Minecraft's New "Rules" Are Terrible

Today we’ll discuss how Minecraft’s New “Rules” Are Terrible. This latest update is causing much uproar in the community, especially the anarchy/2b2t community.

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31 thoughts on “Minecraft's New "Rules" Are Terrible”

  1. Microsoft can’t do games good. At all. Their last good game was Halo Reach, which wasn’t even developed by a studio owned by microsoft iirc. Forcing migration on players? Bad, people have lost their accounts in the migration. Adding “bans” to the game? The community can probably handle banning themselves.

  2. It's a real damn shame that Microsoft is destroying Minecraft, but tbh I am surprised the didn't do this years ago. I wonder if you are safe by servers just never updating past 1.18?

  3. I have a few questions. Not all minecraft players are english. I am Dutch and I sometimes chat in Dutch on public servers with friends or other Dutch people. Is microsoft going to hire a lot of people who are speaking different launguages or are from different countries because if we were talking Dutch slangs you couldnt figure out what wer saying even if your using google translate. And I hope there wont be misunderstandings bacause there a lot of different languages and some words mean different stuff in english (for example die= dat in dutch or tree = Boom in dutch.)
    Also if they implement this they should hire people who accually play the game and know what the comunity is like. They should go on servers and accually look at it themself to know what it is.
    Also I dont like the fact that they could look on private servers like realms and stuff or friends servers (I know we talk bullshit) but the chat could be a little weird but it should all be taken with a grain of salt. But then again I dont think we will ever report eachother on the private servers. I just hope they dont make a system where it auto detects. I hope the banning thing could ONLY ever happen after a report… Because we all know we will never report our friends on the private servers.

  4. This can't be rectified unless personal liberty is established through legislature.

    Microsoft wants control whether we like it or not.

  5. The harder you squeeze… the more condensed the community will become… squeeze too hard… you'll end up breaking everything and people will simply leave or find other ways to play the game using 3rd party or custom software. Eleven years of playing this game and it seems so full but so empty these days, I suppose either nostalgia puts older minecraft in a positive light or the game is actually becoming a shadow of the dev's original ambitions.

  6. I hope we aren't witnessing the second falling of minecraft. With the subpar updates and out of touch decisions like this, it has me worried for the future of the game

  7. This couldn't have been Mojang that actually released it, this has Microsoft written all over it. Especially after they forced Java users to merge their Mojang accounts into Microsoft accounts

  8. Also this applies to servers like Hypixel so much especially minigames like skyblock and bedwars where players are just messing around and trolling eachother so if some random 9 year old sees them doing that or sees someone swear they can get their little friends and spam report that person


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