MissingNo. V2 x More – [FNF Mashup] – By ZiaThe1st

Been working in this for like 2 weeks because I’m lazy asf lol

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You have permission to use my videos for charts or other stuff, but make sure you credit me!

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Inspired by @TheMusiCat and his ‘x More’ videos
Huge thanks to @Lynx for the MissingNo V2 FLP

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– – – – Composers – – – –

[MissingNo. V2] composed by The Innuendo
[Overhead] composed by Sock.clip
[Last Chance composed] by Tenzubushi
[Challeng-EDD -END MIX-] composed by philiplol
[Maniacal] composed by HayseedHere
[Blaster Cannon] composed by LPpassy96
[Disturbed] composed by Serbester
[Shell Shanked] composed by Serbester
[Crucify] composed by Foodieti
[Timorous] composed by redpanzee
[Quiet] composed by GoddessAwe
[Fatality] composed by Saster
[Piracy] composed by Voidicus

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13 thoughts on “MissingNo. V2 x More – [FNF Mashup] – By ZiaThe1st”

  1. Yoo, this sounds very good man!
    I really liked your choice of songs for the mix, also as was the instrumental of the mashup
    The only thing I didn't really like was how the key for Challeng-EDD (END MIX) was chosen, which makes it sound a little out of key, but these are trifles.

    overall good job dude!<3

  2. God damn man…
    If this were a premier video I’d be pissed that I missed it…
    9/10 since you kinda off keyed Challenge Edd Tord…
    Next time if you want, you should talk to me about songs like Challenge Edd or Bushwhack since those two are songs that people get wrong on keys a lot…
    Really love all of these and I look forward to your next video…


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