MORE PlayStation Games Going to PC and PS5 has NEW PSVR?!

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This is some very spicy news for the future of PlayStation but I think it will just lead to more high budget, great games in the future!


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PlayStation will bring more of its first-party exclusive lineup to PC, reportedly beginning with PS4 exclusive Days Gone in spring 2021.
In an interview with GQ, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan said it was a “straightforward decision” to release more first-party PC ports. GQ’s write-up includes the detail that Days Gone will be the first of those PC ports this spring, but Ryan isn’t directly quoted as saying so. We’ve contacted Sony for confirmation on that point. They are also making a new version of PSVR for PlayStation 5 or PS5. In this video DreamcastGuy rants about it. Update: Sony has now confirmed to IGN that Days Gone will arrive for PC in Spring.”I think a few things changed,” Ryan replied when asked why the company had changed its tack on releasing exclusives for PC. “We find ourselves now in early 2021 with our development studios and the games that they make in better shape than they’ve ever been before. Particularly from the latter half of the PS4 cycle our studios made some wonderful, great games.


43 thoughts on “MORE PlayStation Games Going to PC and PS5 has NEW PSVR?!”

  1. You're such a VR hater. You always whine about it. There wouldn't be a psvr 2 without the success of the first one. The first one isn't perfect but the experience, immersion and games make it great!

  2. To be honest I don't care about Days Gone this is a mediocre 3rd person Sony zombie survival game with a lot of bugs. Is nothing special I think Playstation exclusives overall are overhyped as hell. The only Sony exclusives I would like to play on PC are: Spiderman, Ratchet and Clank, Little Big Planet/Sackboy, Bloodborn, Demon Souls Remake, GoW 2018/Ragnarok and Ghost of Tsushima. I don't understand why Sony is porting all those TRASH games to PC. I'm surprised people are buying them literally all of them are interactive movies Detroit Become Human is a interactive movie with ZERO gameplay Death Stranding is literally a WALKING SIMULATOR. Horizon Zero Dawn was the only decent decision but the game had so many Bugs on PC so many and even that game wasn't the best choice but a okay-ish one…

  3. Sony has dropped the ball! Releasing playstation exclusives on PC is dumb. I've been with playstation since the ps1 and I pride myself on the console exclusives. As a hardcore fan we have lost what has made us great and if you're a true fan you'd understand. I will not be buying the ps5 because of this and im very disappointed in the route Sony is taking. I have lost all respect for them as a whole and can't stomach the fact our games are coming to PC!!!

  4. Sony is gonna release PS4 exclusives now to PC because its nearing its end cycle. Now PS5 exclusives won't be released to PC until PS5s life cycle is about to end. They're thinking that if PC Gamers played the PS4 Exclusives, and want the sequel as soon as possible then they have to get the PS5.

  5. As a PC gamer who had a PS4 and PS4 pro last generation the only reason I bought it was to play FF and KH early. They both sucked I have 0 interest in low FPS hardly visable gameplay. Beating Bloodborne was painful not because it was hard but because the framerate and cramped environments due to weak hardware. Not buying another console again. Why do I need to I have game pass.

    PC only users do not care for consoles. Your analogy to draw in PC gamers is akin to. I'm driving this Bugatti but this Honda Civic has a nice infotainment system. Am I really gonna give up the Buggatti? No I'm just gonna try the civic and sell it and go back to where I game the most.

  6. This move is calculated to bring PC players to PS5 after they taste some of the PS games' goodness. Hopefully, they can bring some classics like Gran Turismo and Uncharted to PC.

  7. The psvr made the ps4 more valuable than the xbox one. It has its fair share of short comings like low resolution and the constant recalibration of the controller and move lights because of camera limitations. But, I do believe that sony is working on to address all those with wireless functionality, better resolution and extra features they patented to compete with whats out there. Im 45, an early adopter of psvr. Ive been longing this tech ever since I was in my late teens so of course I bought it release date since its the cheapest and it has its exclusives.

  8. Let me stop you right there, if a gamer has a huge gaming PC and are serious about PC gaming, you will not see them purchase a 500-700$ gaming console unless they are rich or have gotten a console in the past, Sony knows if they haven't already lured PC players over with the PS5 then they won't be, they still want a piece of that money pie though, and 1 billion steam users is nothing to scoff at, its an open freakin market.

  9. 7:00 Hardcrore? Sony players are hardcore? Really? How many hours can you play a cinematic game? 12? 20? People is playing years Baldur's Gate, Age of Empires, Diablo 2, WoW, Eve, Lol, xD buddy, a console player is de definition of CASUAL.

  10. PC gamers are pretty damn patient gamers, and already have thousands of games to play on our system. We if they keep bringing PS games to PC, even if it's a year or two after, it makes is want the PS5 less, not more. And just stay on our PC. I'm seeing tons of PC gamers saying they care less about PS after hearing more exclusives are coming to PC.

  11. Your not gonna pull PC gamers over. You can't spin that narrative, especially if they can just wait to get a better smoother running version months or years later. They'll wait, they have plenty to play.

  12. Wrong i dont rock 3500eur Pc to go play 30-60fps console on controler iam curently play horizont Zero Down on Pc with 120+ fps and shooting with mouse is just something totaly different if Sony give their games to Pc i buy what find interesting but iam not gonna buy console because i want to play horizont 2 and pay 70eur for that PS games are fucking crazy expensive


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