MORE STORAGE | Let's Play Challenge (Medieval Dynasty Gameplay) S2 E60

MORE STORAGE | Let’s Play Challenge (Medieval Dynasty Gameplay) S2 E60
Thank you for joining me for this episode of Season 2: Medieval Dynasty Series, Let’s Play Challenge, MORE STORAGE. In this episode of the Medieval Dynasty Gameplay MORE STORAGE, we continue our walkthrough of the Open World, Survival, Early Access game Medieval Dynasty. Hope you enjoy it. πŸ™‚
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Season 2 Challenge Rules
Challenge Map and Rules link:
1. Death = Game Over (Delete save & Start over)
(At Death, delete that save and start over and choose a different build locations.)
2. Game Settings:
Days per Season 6+
Tax Multiplier 2
NPC Food Multiplier 2
NPC Wood Multiplier 2
Animal HP Multiplier 1.5
Animal Damage Multiplier 1.5
Everything else leave on DEFAULT
3. DO NOT use Unstuck function
4. Quicksave (F5) & Reload (F9)
DO NOT use for escaping death.
OK use:
Dialog options, possible Quest failure, Building placement, Potential game crash
5. DO NOT place skill points into any of the β€œKnowledge” skills.
(Example: Crafting Knowledge, Survival Knowledge, etc)
6. Villagers Crafting Restrictions:
Villagers can ONLY craft: Food, Animal Food, Fertilizer, Grain, Firewood.
7. Buildings Limits & Restrictions: Only Level 1 Buildings
Player can NOT build these workstations:
Hunting Lodge*, Smithy, Sewing, Mine
Can only be built for a quest. Can not be occupied by a worker.
Once the quest is satisfied, then it needs to be destroyed.
Player must utilize 29/30 of the max building limit by year 12.
Barn 1 – Crops limited to 1 – 16Γ—16 and 1- 8Γ—8 fields or no more than 320 total plots.
Woodshed 1 – (Limit 2 Buildings)
Fishing Hut 1 – (Limit 2 Buildings)
Excavation Shed 1 – (Limit 2 Buildings)
Unlimited Storage Buildings (Level 1 Only)
Only one Animal workstation allowed
8. Housing
Wooden Wall, Door, Window, Roof only allowed after year 3
Stone Wall, Door, Window, Roof only allowed after year 6
All houses have to be occupied by a man and woman within 5 yrs of age.

Settlement Locations limited to these five (5) spots Indicated on the maps.
Medieval Dynasty is a unique mix of life simulation, survival and strategy build-up game. Explore a huge and living open world, build up your village and lead your folks through the middle ages.
Europe in the Middle Ages. The winters are harsh, people are struggling for survival. Turn your village into a realm fit for a king, ensure your bloodline’s place in history and rule for generations.
Face the trials and tribulations of the medieval ages in Medieval Dynasty!
Medieval Dynasty Description in the Steam Store:
Song & Artist List
Empty Hearted Man – The 126ers
Drunken Sailor – Cooper Cannell
Glen Canyon – Dan Lebowitz
Cumberland Gap – Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
Hiiltop – Dan Lebowitz
Arkansas Traveler – Nat Keefe with The Bow Ties
Green Green Garden – Chris Haugen

Artist List
All Artists and Songs are from Youtube Audio Library
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  1. It probably goes against your challenge rules but I've taken to saving just before going to sleep the last night of the season. That way I can reload if I get a terrible event. But I also reload if I get fewer than 5 quest markers. As many people as I have now I need more dynasty reputation than I've already earned to get another and no longer have Uniegost quests with lots of reputation as a reward.


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