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41 thoughts on “Most UNDERRATED RANKED LEGEND! (Apex Legends)”

  1. I think he’s just pretty decent but he’s think maybe he can get a buff like for a few seconds after he gets off the drone he has a slight speed boost to get to the fight faster but just a thought🤷‍♂️

  2. Crypto is underrated?
    I thought that spot is specifically for rampart
    And tbh, I like rampart, ESPECIALLY THE PASSIVE, that 15% extra ammo in the mag, and a 25% faster reload speed for lmgs.

  3. Hi Ratchet, if you still haven’t fixed the issue with your pc. Let me know, I help out a lot of people on Reddit with PC issues. If not, it’s all good. I’m here to help though dude,

  4. Wtf ratchet how u finna get all pissy when someone like “ ya preds in my lobby all da time and i still got a .9 kd” like u went on a whole rant abt how he a bih for sayin that stfu ratchet no reason for all dat

  5. Crypto is goated in ranked I just got D4 last night with a fat dub on crypto; had max Kp 189RP. Took a little under a week to go from plat 4 to D4 with Crypto; I got plat 4 like the first week of ranked and haven't touched it till the last couple weeks of the ranked season this second split lol. 100% shooting for masters next season or even pred. If I didn't take a break from it after hitting plat during the first week of the split maybe I'd of got masters this split but next season I'm gunning for it


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