Movement God Solo's to Predator (Part 3)

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Each video will be me ranking up each tier. Solo to Predator continues.

Apex Legends Season 11 Escape

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21 thoughts on “Movement God Solo's to Predator (Part 3)”

  1. Ah I remember this game live.
    That Octane basically wrote himself off as a shitter when doing 130 on a bot going up a zip blew his mind, and completely disregarded the 25% missed mag after, and the two missed mastiff shots.

  2. First video team mate plays controller loses and blames even with aim assist cringe kid I hate people like him in apex even in rankeds you dare say I'm done I'm out wtf stfu

  3. BRO, I literally had this guy in the same match as me talking so much trash. He sucks as a team player, I am literally gonna post the video I have with him cause it’s mad annoying playing with kids like this. I ain’t even the best but this guy is just toxic!

  4. Ppl who rage on any type of game are fvckin losers
    If you legit get mad at losing then please find some other thing that can fill your empty void of a life
    It aint that serious
    Shiet be so pitiful
    If your bad just admit to it there's no shame in being garbo only you can put yourself down
    Other ppls opinions are irrelevant

  5. I just find it funny how your teammates in the first game just couldn't accept the fact that thier playing someone who's just better. "he's using aimbot" while missing mastiff shot.😕like make it make sense bud

  6. Didn’t know Aim Bot can make your movement at that sensitivity THAT good. That’s next level shit💯 but the annoying is also dumb cuz he woulda been able to deduce that much.


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