My pulls in GENSHIN IMPACT are not normal… so I made a meme video

I really hope anime characters come to the game sometime soon.

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47 thoughts on “My pulls in GENSHIN IMPACT are not normal… so I made a meme video”

  1. nah fam my genshin account's been blessed since i started pulled jean from first beginner summon then albedo, ganyu, diluc then kequing, xiao another jean and another xiao and then new 5 star sword oh yeah been playing since December and i play with a bugget now whaling here lol imagine not having diluc

  2. I like genshin impact but I'm sick of my bad luck with gacha systems. I tried several times but I didn't even get diona. I need her kitty bubble for my klee (which I also didn't get.) And judging from my luck in tryna get venti way back when I never will) sad thing is I want klee, diluc and qiqi to replace that stupid emo Barbara va thing I have rotting in the healer slot now.


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