My Thoughts: Intellivision Amico Event at the National Videogame Museum

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My Thoughts: Intellivision Amico Event at the National Videogame Museum
I had an absolute blast at the hands-on demo at the NVM this past Friday. I met with Tommy Tallarico and other people from Intellivision to play several games for the Amico, including Astrosmash, Shark! Shark!, and Moon Patrol. There were other YouTubers and people from GameStop as well. It was a blast!
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11 thoughts on “My Thoughts: Intellivision Amico Event at the National Videogame Museum”

  1. Yeah. I ordered founders addition. Was disappointed by the delay, but it’s understandable. Anyway, I want pick up and play games. My kids are young. I think they will enjoy them, and I don’t have time to play the really in depth games of today. Get some snacks , my sons, and see if we can break high score on something. What a time. Or even get the wife in with something like Shark Shark

  2. Great vid Brett,glad you enjoyed the day and got to go hands on with Amico.

    When will you be posting a more in depth review of the system?

    I was sold on Amico 3yrs ago. This event just solidified my anticipation for Amico. I'm gonna post a vid later today talking about the Texas event for my UK viewers.

  3. Founders edition on pre-order and cannot wait to play the Amico! I am from an Intellivision family and it’s INTV rebirth. I have so many Intellivision memories, cannot wait to make new ones!

  4. Wish I could have made it to the museum event. But I did get to play it in Lubbock Texas the following day. And all of what you said is spot on. The controller works great. I especially loved how it worked in Shark Shark. How fluid the disk worked with directing the fish. The feel of the controller is of highest quality IMHO. I even accidentally dropped a controller on the concrete floor. Didn't even scratch it. I would even go as far to say that the way the controller works couldn't work as good with a traditional controller. There is also something I learned about the way the disk operates that I think it's even above the quality of current controllers especially went you are playing a 2d game. It's an evolution to the Dpad.

  5. Pre-ordered a founders edition. I'm all in, I have been all in, and will continue to be all in. That said I have been critical about aspects of the device (for example no online multiplayer).
    I am a TINY bit jealous that I wasn't aware of this sneaky event! I need to become an influencer 😉

  6. It looks like it will be a lot of fun. I was watching Playing With Power and couldn't help but think of the Amico when they got to the segment on the Wii. If the Amico can catch on with families way the Wii did it will be really successful.


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