Ben's Video Game Hunting – My 5 Most Expensive PS1 Games And 5 Games I Recommend For Your Collection

Several viewers wanted to hear more about my collection, so I decided to make this video talking not only about my most expensive PS1 games, but also 5 games that are in my collection that aren’t as expensive that I think are worth buying at the price. This is a different one for me, so if you enjoyed it I would really appreciate it if you would hit the Like/Thumbs Up button to help me with the YouTube algorithm and please Subscribe if you haven’t already! Feel free to leave a comment about your rarest PS1 games or hidden gems you think I should add to my PS1 collection.

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6 thoughts on “Ben's Video Game Hunting – My 5 Most Expensive PS1 Games And 5 Games I Recommend For Your Collection”

  1. Wow man! Nice video! It makes me a little sick to see how expensive the high-priced games are because I’ve had all those games at one point or another (minus the street fighter game). I got out of ps1 stuff a while back to focus on snes, but it’s cool to see how much recognition Ps1 is getting.

  2. Nice recommendations! It's so out of control the PS1 games prices are nowadays! I had to sell almost my entire collection about 5 years ago and I still regret it today! I'm slowly getting back into collecting for the console but at a much slower pace! Suikoden 2 is my favorite game of all time and the series as a whole is fantastic! I backed the Kickstarter Eiyuden Chronicles project from some of the makers of the Suikoden series and I can't wait to play it!
    Great video and keep up the good work!

  3. I always appreciate a good ps1 collection. I bought the the bulk of my RPGs new in the late 90s as well so it’s crazy to see how pricey they’ve gotten, particularly Suikoden II, the Tales games, Persona 2, Koudelka (a $20 GameStop purchase, ha) and Valkyrie Profile. I’m honestly sad to see them so pricey, especially since so much of it is driven by speculation and FOMO. Good games deserve to be played, not sit on a shelf collecting dust.

    Suikoden II and VP have always been sorta pricey though. I remember looking a bunch of my games up on eBay around 2005 and both were floating around $100.

    To your other point, I think people are really missing out on some great deals on PS4 and Switch stuff that’s going to be super pricey in 5 years because they’re too focused on stuff that’s pricey now. As far as I’m concerned I’m done paying market price for retro. Trading is fine but the market is so unsustainable. I’ll wait another year or two until people decide to cash out, probably for less than they paid.

    My cheap PS1 recommendation is Shadow Madness. It’s a blatant FFVII ripoff but 15 year old me enjoyed it for what it was (which is like, not great, but I dunno, i thought it had a lot of heart). Plus, it’s a PS1 rpg under $20 that’s not an FF game.


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