TenZ is always in the conversation for the best VALORANT player in the world. His aim is automatic, game sense is unmatched, and ability to make big plays is second to none. What many can’t do, he’s able to do with his eyes closed. He is Mr. Impossible.

Andrej “babybay” Francisty

Tyson “TenZ” Ngo

“Mister Impossible” by Phantogram

“Full Moon” by Infinity Brooks, Lex Lurcher
“Traveling With The Spirits” by Paul Simon Elliott
“Triumphant Victory March” by Craig Sellar, William Charles Baker

Tune in at from December 1-12 to see which team will be crowned the first world champion of VALORANT.


37 thoughts on “NA/TURALS: MR. IMPOSSIBLE”

  1. Y’all gotta bring Baybay into Berlin to become an analyst or an interviewer for the pro players, he’s got good charisma and good communication skills.

  2. Expect this dude to pop off on Champions. He ain't grinding rank that much. I feel like he is practicing Raze movement. If he doesn't pop off tho, maybe he's getting left behind already then. Hope he pops off. Better for the Valorant scene anyways.

  3. So many people are really hating tenz don't know for what reason …they are saying he is overated ,all hype , inconsistent …let me tell you something in NA leagues he was the MVP in his team and MVP among all the other team players, MVP in Iceland masters, and in Berlin he is in top 5 perfermed players in Berlin 1)heat 2)yay 3) tenz 4)nats 5)cned… .one off game with raze on split out 12 maps doesn't define his consistency … consistency mathematically is much more his average stats are high,his coefficient of variance is low these factors define consistency…..nats is MVP of the tournament but he underperformed 3 maps ,yayy underperformed 2maps that doesn't mean they are shit…it's how many maps they played good out of total maps.


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