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42 thoughts on “NEW 4.09 LEAKS DO CHAMBER DIRTY – AGENT NERFS INCOMING – Valorant Guide”

  1. How about make chamber ult not 1 shot but rather make it a marshal type and whenever it registers a hit it produces the slow below the enemy hit.

  2. Literally the dumbest nerf ever. It’s like they have no idea what role he plays in the game.
    Nerf should be: reduce range TM activated or reduce the circle that appears once activated or both, headhunter should only be able to have 5 shots max, sniper should only have 3 shots max. He is not a duelist, he is a sentinel. Also his TP could be nerfed by reducing the range they have or how fast u can use it

  3. I feel they should make the trademark not slow but still have 2 charges, they should change the bullets of headhunter to 6 instead of 8 so you can’t just use it only on pistol round (you still could with only headshots but like..) they should remove the slow of the op and make it a little less firerate and keep the tp the same.

  4. I have read about the nerfs and some people's opinions on them but IMO as a chamber myself i have a good idea:

    1) There needs to 2 alarmbots otherwise chamber will have to become the other alarmbot.

    2) Yes plz make the alarmbots louder but it wont matter as most the ppl now know the positions or the proximity of where the alarmbot is so they counter it with smokes. Or if possible take a long way around the alarmbot like in icebox.

    3) The most powerful thing is it really just holds the enemy in place for those few seconds like you cant even jump or get to cover so maybe reduce the time of the slow and yea increase the cost cause its worth it.

    4) People that are saying remove the slow from the awp its actually dual edged sword it also stops you and ur team from pushing and a few times i couldnt diffuse the spike cause of that. But maybe again reduce the time of slow.

    5) For whatever reasons if riot decides to still go for the 1 alarmbot then it should be recallable cause when u r on the attacking side it will become a problem.

  5. Chamber op potential really depends on the player.If the player aim is bad then chamber sucks for them.Nerfing chamber sentinel powers then what’s the point

  6. honestly, his alarms are too OP in my opinion. KJ has to be withing a certain radius for her alarm or turret to work but Chamber can place an alarm across the map and it still trips where ever he is. just my personal opinion

  7. > they should make it so that you could only put one of the two Trademark on or near site <
    : so that on attacker you can still put one to watch flank and put another one on site for post plant

  8. I think reducing his alarm to 1 wouldn’t be consistent with other sentinels (I.e., cypher who has 2 trips). I think they should consider the following changes.
    – increasing ult points
    – increasing the price on the alarms (as they are doing)
    – either decrease the slow time or completely remove slow on kills with ult
    – optional: could make his ult kind of like one in the chamber (if you’ve ever played COD) where every time he gets a kill he gets 1 bullet back. But in this case I would want his ult charge to decrease at least by 2 since this would be a huge nerf.

    I don’t think that rapid fire on his ult is that bad considering it’s an “ultimate ability.” It has to stand out from the regular operator and be somewhat unique. It’s overall prominence in a match needs to stop tho. A good chamber just goes gung-ho and plays like a duelist which is not great. Also… buff cypher and phoenix 😩

  9. yeah ive never thought that the trips are the problem nerf the guns as the ult is OP and shoots too fast since it also slows a push once you egt teh first pick, wouldnt hate increasing the price of the trips but still needs two since the other sentinels have multiple ways to watch multiple areas so his problem isnt he can watch to much since thats like saying cypher trips are OP or killjoy shouldnt have a turret and a n alarm bot. seems like they might as well remove his senitenel base since without teh trips he isnt one.

  10. those are horrible changes. I actually think chamber should be buffed as a sentinel slightly and majorly nerfed as a duelist. I agree with what you said about the op. The TP should have a slower animation meaning it cant be used to peak and escape so easily and the trademarks should be able to be picked up at any time and re-placed, but i do agree with them costing more if they were buffed in this way

  11. In my opinion, the range on the trademark means that it makes sense for the charges of it to be nerfed. Though, i think that riot should also nerf the ult slow a bit (decreasing the range or duration, maybe how much it slows). I dont think the actual weapons should be nerfed unless it is necessary as its what makes chamber stand out from the other sentinels

  12. taking away his only ability that makes him a sentinel makes no sense to me. They should reduce the time of the slow and how badly u are slowed and maybe increase the price from 150 to 200 for both traps

  13. I agree with a lot of the comments here about removing the slow to the sniper, any mayyyyybe adding more bullets but nerfing the damage or something to the pistol.

  14. The only gameplay change this would bring about is leaving Chamber one more flank to watch with his eyes rather than his ears or map. It might save my life a bit in certain situations but Chamber will still wreak havoc on maps like Bind.

  15. Here’s a few ideas for chamber (note; to keep him able continue the current role he has, and allow him to still be a “eco capable” agent)
    increase the cost of headhunter to 150;
    Increase the movement error on Headhunter
    Lower headhunter firing error on ads
    Increase Tour De Force pullout time to 4 seconds
    Increase slow field “radius” made by Tour De Force by 2x
    Increase ads time of Tour De Force
    Increase Tour De Force cost to 9 ultimate points
    Increase wallbang power of Tour De Force

    Either lower to 1 charge and allow recovery of it at <ALL RANGES> and notify <ALL TEAMMATES>,
    Or to scale down the slow field, this would still allow for it to be used as a flank-guard and info tool and makes it less punishing on the enemy’s end for being reckless.

    rendezvous- increase the cooldown for tp to 25,
    Increase radius for tp by .5 meters,
    Make it so you have to be still to begin to teleport AFTER BUY PHASE.
    Increase teleport time to 3 seconds

    POSSIBLE QUALITY OF LIFE CHANGE FOR CYPHER: Making the audio produced from an enemy stepping in his cage much louder, so it’s audible during firefights, even with suppressed weapons it’s still hard to hear it.

  16. Trademark slow now only apply to one enemy (the player hit by the trademark Will Just get slowed)

    Trademark cost increase to 200 (or 250 idk)

    Head Hunter charges reduced from 8 to 6

    Tour de force s slowfield duration decreased by 35% and the time for the 2 consecutive shot to be full accurate increased by 20%

  17. How i think chamber should be changed (as a chamber one trick)

    * slow field duration decreased to 5 seconds,

    – Headhunter:
    * no changes

    – Radevous:
    * when called back cooldown – 15 seconds,
    * when used – 20 seconds,
    * when destroyed – 30 seconds,

    – Tour de force:
    * slow field duration after kill decreased to 2 seconds,

    Edit: Also in my opinion chamber being op is not the problem in the current meta, chamber is only op because the other sentinels simply suck and they should be getting buffed.

  18. Bad nerf. Remove the slow on ult kill or make the aoe slower, increase tp cooldown and/or increase cooldown when it gets destroyed. Maybe decrease pistol bullets from 8 to 6.

  19. Riot is just making a big mistake and they should not nerf him after fade becuas the game needs more powerful agents that can deal whit fade and now if he would get nerf it should not be the traps it should be the headhunter or mby remove the slow after you kill some one whit his ult btw im a chamber main

  20. chamber's tp isnt really instant its still pretty easy to damage or kill him before he tps and theres times where i tp but still die and my body is at the tp also woohoo chamber is a duelist now

  21. Chamber is fine how he is.
    Remove his ability to "control" flanks or pushes with his ult that removes him as a sentinel character. After putting in a bunch of time in on him and other characters……….i feel like He's in a perfect place.
    Buff Cypher and rework Phi-Phi our fire ball team flashing boy needs some love.

  22. I'm fine with this kind of nerf cuz i use chamber as a duelist not as sentinel. I would be so sad if they nerf his tp or the deag dmg like adding range dmg similar to sheriff

  23. Removing a trademark doesn't make any sense !! Other sentinels have a plethora of utilities. Thats what makes them sentinels. Killjoy has a million gadgets. How does having 1 slow ,that can be shot, make any sense as a sentinel agent?

    Either switch out his trademarks and give him a flash or something and make him a duelist or leave his trademarks and reduce his slow from his ult and maybe 2 less shots on his handgun. Leaving him essentially 1 utility for flank watching or site holding is ridiculous to me.

  24. Reduce the fire rate on his operator (but still make it faster than the op), give chamber the ability to equip a slow on a shot from his ultimate and only allow 2 charges (so instead of 5 slow feilds on his ult he gets 2 and can pick when to use them). Reduce his bullet count on his sheriff from 8 to 6. Force chamber to be in a particular range of his trademarks (trips) for them to activate (probably within range of his tp would be good) , but he can collect them at anytime and redeploy them after 15 seconds.

  25. Making this change to chamber is actually beneficial to the game. Let me explain. Riot defined sentinels as “agents that have the capability to delay pushes through the usage of slows, information gathering, and weapon usage. “ by this definition this is a perfect nerf for chamber. His ult and ability to tp with an op in hand become his strong points. Furthermore the usage of 2 traps defeats the purpose of cyphers and kj’s. Basically riot is giving chamber the benefit to play awquard angles as Jett previously and taking away his ki and sipher abilities. Overall this pushes him not in the duelist category, but as an aggressive sentinel, where as stated in his release, “we want to create a sentinel that takes mechanical skill to master”. Thus this nerf to chamber is actually healthy for the game, because it creates more diversity in both ranked and competitive, and provides pro teams with more options to discover in their comps


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